Why I Share My Dreams.

I share my dreams* here because I've found that many people in the world don't care to listen to someone talk about them. I love sharing what I dream about--if the story is interesting enough--so I sometimes find it a little heartbreaking when I'm mid-share and I notice the unamused glaze over my listeners eyes. Since …

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Crazy Dreams: The Executed Children

In an earlier Crazy Dreams post I mentioned that my dream stories get darker, and this is one of those stories. WARNING: Yes, this one has dead children in it. It's not violent or bloody and graphic, but if you're sensitive or don't like the subject matter then do not read on. Thanks. The Executed Children I was …

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Crazy Dreams: They’re coming back

Years ago I used to have dreams about 2 entities that tried to kill me constantly. They followed me night after night, into dream after dream, searching for me so that they could torture me in various ways (one time a wood-chipper, multiples times in tight cages, sometimes dismemberment, etc.) They made my dreams hell. …

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Crazy Dreams: The Shadow Man Visits

No introduction needed, really. This is another sleep paralysis dream, it happened within the same week that Sleep Paralysis Parade took place. It's not bloody or gory in any way, so it's safe to read. The Shadow Man Visits Apparently, as a child, I had always yelled and screamed in my sleep, but I never …

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Crazy Dreams: Sleep Paralysis Parade

It's time for another My Crazy Dreams story. Are you ready for this? By the way, the dreams that I share with you are not just dreams, these are night terrors and nightmares that have stuck with me enough to effect my everyday life. They're "dreams" that make me afraid to sleep, that cause insomnia, …

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Crazy Dreams: Running Through The Woods

I'll start with an easy to digest dream first, a light icebreaker. I've had this dream maybe 3 times. It starts with me standing at the top of this wooded mountain side. Though there is no noticeable chaos around me there is a sense of panic, the feeling that the mountain is on fire, or there …

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My Crazy Dreams

Ever since I was a little girl I'v head crazy nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking/talking issues, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, etc... I've learned to some how keep energized for an entire day, on 3 hours of sleep. Thanks to all of my lovely sleeping problems, and thinly veiled anxiety issues, I have some pretty crazy …

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