The UFO Outside of My Window.

Ok, I know I’ve shared some pretty crazy dreams, but this honestly isn’t one of those times…. This is a true story, and as farfetched as it’s going to sound to you I have a witness to this happening.
To this day she will swear on her mother’s life that she remembers every bit of this occurrence.

So here we go, The UFO Outside of My Window:


When i was in high school i lived in a duplex with my mom and a very close friend.

Her and I were so close, though we had our own rooms, we often slept in the same bed so we could stay up talk all night.

On the night of this occurrence, we decided to sleep in her room, which was all the way up on the top floor.
We couldn’t sleep, like always, and were up talking when we heard a car alarm go off. Of course we looked outside but there was nothing to see, and the car alarm stopped moments later.

As Nichole laid back in bed I looked up to the night sky of stars. One didn’t seem to fit in. Its shine was all wrong. Dull, and almost mechanical like a cars headlights from a distance in the night.

“Look at this star,” I said to Nichole, and she did.

“Looks weird,” she replied.


Then suddenly the star dropped out of the sky, its light rest just above the tops of the tress before shooting upward quite high, zigzagging in all directions, before pausing once again and [quite f**king literally] blasting off.

Nichole remained perfectly calm while watching… I on the other hand, well it went a little something like:

“Oh, oh my god! What’s it doing?.. Nichole? What-what is that? What is that? What’s it doing? Oh my god! It’s an alien, what’s it doing? It know we saw. Get down! We should get down!” [blast off]

We remained in  silence for quite a while after that, me being the firs to break it. “What the f**k was that?! Did you even see that?!”

“Yep… I think we should just go to bed now,” Nichole replied, and we did. We went to bed, but I’m not sure that we actually ever slept that night.

This occurrence happened in high school, so back in like 2004/2005. Here is screenshots from my phone, 10-ish years later, of me asking her if she recalls this happening…


Well? Am I crazy? lol

Tell me about your weird stories! Ever encounter something like this? A ghost, instead, maybe? An occurrence you don’t know how to put explain?
Let me know, I want to read about it.

The RwR


3 thoughts on “The UFO Outside of My Window.

  1. whovio

    When I was kid I would share a room with my brothers, one night I had the room to myself I fell asleep and woke randomly at night, which I never do.

    I looked up and saw a Grim Reaper pointing at me.. so I shit bricks thought I was dreaming hid under the covers and waited for it to go away.. it stayed there then I got ballsy and ran at it and it disappear.

    Liked by 1 person

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