It’s Been Too Long – An Update From The RWR

I am aware of my MIA status.
To be honest, I have been caught up in the world of books, social media management, and slight self loathing.

But now I am back, and with so much to say.

The Book Life:

Like I mentioned before I finished The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and plowed straight through Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Though I loved this interesting story of the Anansi family–and it truly is a fun story to read–I was so dissatisfied by the near ending (not the exact ending) that I felt I needed to go on reading again right away. Like I needed something with more depth.

… and boy howdy did I ever find what I thought I was looking for.
I moved straight into, and destroyed my heart on, another Murakami book called South of the Border, West of the Sun.
Remember when I tweeted this?

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.42.00 PM

I was not lying.
South of the Border destroyed what felt like an emotional stability; and though it is such a beautifully written book, if you come from a long line of bad relationships it can be truly triggering.
While reading it I sometimes felt personally attacked, like I was the one on the receiving end of all of it. I was constantly heartbroken, and even had moments where I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, so I would put the book down and cry.

Now, you may think: why did you put yourself through it? Why read something that makes you feel that way?

Because, don’t you think it’s amazing that there is a book so powerfully full that it makes the reader react? Content that is so relatable, in a beautifully balanced and nondramatic way, that it makes the read reflect? Isn’t it amazing how a book can engulf someone, trap them, even if in that way?

Though I felt like I was suffering, I enjoyed every bit of this book. With no regrets.
To be honest, I would recommend a read like this to an audience age of 25 or older. Not that I believe a younger audience couldn’t handle it, I just don’t think it would be as relatable.

And don’t worry, friends, the suffering is over. I have moved on to The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and so far this book has made me introspective.

The Exciting Social Opportunity:

If you follow me on Twitter then you’re probably aware that I work in social media advertising; and a few weeks ago a very exciting opportunity was agreed upon.
The creators of Show Me Games have agreed to let me start running their Twitter account!


Don’t know who Show Me Games is? Then that’s your problem.
You’re missing out.

Show Me Games is a start-up gaming webpage, podcast, and twitch channel based out of the UK.
One thing about them that really caught my attention, the thing that got me really excited to join their team is, they don’t just talk reviews and walkthroughs; they talk details.

Maybe that’s vague… but there is only one way to find out what I mean 😜
Here is their everything, go check them out!

I now want to give a proper shoutout to Show Me Games for partnering up with The Rosewood Rabbit; for being so accommodating, and for not being afraid to give me freedom.
Keeping the creative spirit alive on social!

To be honest, I think I’ve gone on enough for one post… I’m going to end it here.

Of course more has happened over the week that I was away, but it pretty much revolves around my remembered love for rock climbing, and how I’m back at it and my muscles hate me for it.

Thanks for dropping in and taking a read. There will be more content to come very soon now that some of the excitement has died down.


The RwR


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