WcW: Charlize Theron

To celebrate the trailer release of Atomic Blonde, this weeks WcW is all about:
Charlize Theron.


Charlize Theron is beautiful, cool, and seems totally down to earth.
Not convinced? Let me share a few cool things about her:

  • She was born in Benoni, Transvaal Province, South Africa.
    • Aug. 7th, 1975… you know, in case you were curious.
  • Her first language is Afrikaans.
  • When Charlize was approx. 15/16 her mother shot and killed Charlize’s father when he attacked them in a drunken rage.
    • The shooting was ruled to be in self-defense, sooooo Charlize’s mother didn’t face any charges.
  • Talent manager John Crosby discovered Charlize Theron in 1994… In a bank…. while she was throwing a fit because the teller wouldn’t cash her check.
    Fiery, I like that.
  • And my favorite fact: Charlize Theron actually shaved her hair off for her part as Furiosa, in Max Mad: Fury Road.

I find Charlize Theron is incredibly talented, and too often undermined via the roles she’s cast in.

She’s played some amazing characters, and–when she’s dedicated to and joys the role–she delivers her all.
Look at this woman, she is a goddamn chameleon–

–and now she’s going to play a kicking ass spy in Atomic Blonde!

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet I strongly suggest that you do, you can find the link for it RIGHT HERE.

Atomic Blonde

That’s all I’ve got for today, I hope you enjoyed the read.
Go. check. out. that. trailer!



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