TBT: 90’s Candy

Ooooh the taste of my childhood!
This is going to be quite a treat.

Buckle up your tastebuds because this TbT we’re going back in time to talk candy… from the 90’s!

(Let me preface this post by saying: the 90’s was the age of awesome gum opportunities)


Nik-L-Nip: Bite ’em, Drink ’em, Chew ’em!
I miss these candies to this day, loved chewing them when I was a kid. All these are is small chewable wax bottles with colorful fruity juice inside. Probably really terrible for you, but worth it

Garbage Can-dy: Oh yeah, that’s right, the 90’s taught us to eat garbage.
JK. This hard candy came in little plastic garbage cans, and was shaped like bottles, shoes, and fish. I used to horde the garbage cans for my toys when I was done the candies.

Lollipop Paint Shop: Nothing teaches kids “don’t you put it in your mouth” quite like eating candy paint…
This treat consisted of a candy paint brush perfect for licking and dipping into powdered candy paint (pretty much like a lick-n-dip)

Then they came out with Lollipop Paint Shop Doubles! with two types of candy paint per l0lli-paintbrush. Life was good.


HubbaBubba Bubble Tape: You could easily tell someone’s personality by the way they ate their Bubble Tape.
Only a monster bites into a roll of Bubble Tape.


Candy Lipstick: Every 90’s girls first lipstick.
The idea was you got the tubed pink or red calk candy wet while eating it, and then you rubbed it all over you lips to make it seem like you had lipstick on…. Oh yeah, the glory days.


Whistle Pops: The most annoying fun a 90’s child could have.
Its a lollipop, it’s a ear piercing whistle, it’s 100% parent disapproved 😉
(Yes, this candy was a functioning slide-whistle.)


Ouch! Bubble Gum: Hubba Bubba was pretty much dominating the gum game during the 90’s.
This gum here was, of course, shaped like bandaids… though I don’t remember ever witnessing any kids using this to cover wounds.


The even cooler Bubble Beeper! Another gum product, of course, usually stale and brittle, but colorful and sometimes sassy!


Dina-Sour Eggs by Willy Wonka’s Candy: Not much to these, really. These candies were very similar to Gobstoppers… but better because dinosaurs.


Fruit Strip Gum: This gum was usually old and stale, but it sure was a colorful. Sometimes the grape strips were bitter but the temporary tattoo that tagged along with every piece was so worth it.


I don’t know the name of these soo00000: Mmmmmm more flavored powder candy, but this time in a fruit shaped container.


Candy Choker: the must have fashion accessory for a 90’s girl.
No seriously, we bought these and wore them around like real jewelry. Summer time was always great because your neck would sweat and the candy would rainbow your skin.


Bubble Gum in a carton: more powdered and chunked gum in weird packages

Last but not least:


Hubba Bubba Bubble Jub: Shake N’ Chug, baby.
This was crack for kids, no idea why we loved it so much but the impulse to keep piling more and more gum powder into your mouth was uncontrollable…

Well that’s all the candy I feel like talking about today, think I named the best of the best of the best of 90’s candy.

What’s your favorite 90’s candy?
Let me know in the comments below!


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