What is the RetroBlox…

As more and more half-finished games, DLC’s, remakes, and remastered copies are pushed into the hype-spotlight, more and more gamers turn back to their nostalgic favorites.

Sure the Playstation store has rereleased certain classic faves, and there is emulators to download; or the option to rebuy old systems back is kind of a thing.
But the selection on the Playstation store is lacking variety, emulators are kinda-sorta stealing, and who knows if that old system you just bought at a pawnshop/off ebay is going to work.

Lucky for us, a few ambitious people are willing to tackle this issue, and are kickstarting The RetroBlox.


What is RetroBlox?
Well, this baby is eventually going to be your one stop retro gaming shop.

RetroBlox will use “hybrid emulation” to allow all of your retro/old school video games to play on “one” console.

Finally! Soon I can unpack all of my old faves.


How will that work? Isn’t that a lot to cram into one device?

Like I said before, the RetroBlox will use hybrid emulation that will allow for a multiple platform support.

What this means:
The unit as a whole will contain one base console unit–with CD ROM built in–and will have a variety of  interchangeable “Element Modules” (their words, not mine) that represent the different consoles.

What consoles can be expected?

When the RetroBlox  launches it will support NEW, SNES, Genesis, Artari 2600, TurboGrafx-16; and eventually support PlayStation, Sega CD, and PC- Engine CD’s.

Rumor has it The RetroBlox will even take on megadrive, Super Grafx, Turbo CD, and run games from multiple regions (such as European games and Japanese cartridges).

Thanks to this interchangeable design, RetroBlox Inc. plans to continuously update the console with even more formats down the line!


Don’t have your old games anymore?

Not a problem!

Retroblox will have online feature, such as a store where you can buy back all of your favorites; and will also contain the capability to stream on Twitch, in 1080p.

The original console’s controllers will be compatible with Retroblox, but the system will also come with a bluetooth controller of its own.

More importantly, the creators claim the RetroBlox will be able to save local copies of game ROMs directly to the console.
This will put less wear-and-tear on your gaming collection, and making it easier to swap between games.


What OS will it run on?
Looks like Linux, as Linux will provide more control over resource management and updates.

Shut up and take my money!
Approximately $300 worth of it.

RetroBlox Inc. hasn’t put an official price tag on its console yet, but taking into consideration the cost per Element Module, base unit, and bluetooth controller it’s all going to add up quickly.

No release date yet! D:

Although the company did mention they’re planning to get their Kickstarter campaign up and running by April, and want Retroblox up for sale within 10 months…

A little hasty, don’t you think? Slow down and make this console a masterpiece.

Anyway, that’s all from me today!
Want to even more? Check out the Retroblox webpage HERE.

We’ve seen these multi-retro consoles before, remember the RetroN 5?
So what do you think of this ambitious project?

Yay or nay?
Let me know in the comments below!


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