Friday Facts: Pokemon! Pt. 2

I love Pokemon, and getting to do research on the topic is 100% entertaining and interesting.
So I thought I’d drop more Poke-knowledge on you and post another Friday Facts featuring Pokemon ^-^


  1. Rock Throw is the only physical Rock attack with no secondary effect
  2. Wobbuffet is the only fully evolved Pokemon that can’t learn any TMs
  3. Some beta versions of Red and Blue list Machamp’s original name as “Ju-Doh”
  4. The Nidorino that appears in Professor Oak’s introduction in Red and Blue has the cry of a Nidorina
  5. In Red and Blue, you were able to use a fishing rod on the Rhydon statues. However, nothing was found unless you used an Old Rod.
  6. Eevee is the only Pokemon that is given to you by an NPC in all four generations
  7. Lickilicky is the only Normal-type Pokemon that can learn the move Explosion
  8. Ditto cannot transform into a Ditto that already transformed into another Pokemon
  9. The maximum amount of points you can receive in Pokemon Snap is 17,378,000
  10. Azurill can change genders when it evolves.

That’s all for now!
I hope these Pokefacts are blowing your mind. I know they are mine.

If you think you have something cooler to say about Pokemon, share it in the comments below! I’d love to read it 😀

I got my Pokefacts from HERE and HERE.
And the art from HERE.


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