Project Revamp

Hola fellow Rabbits,

Just wanted to check in and give you the rundown on what’s going on over here.
Last week I kind of disappeared–you can always find me on my other socials (especially Twitter)–but I didn’t really post anything here, and that’ because The Rosewood Rabbit was undergoing Project Revamp.

When I started The RwR I had no idea in which direction this blog would go, as my About Me section clearly states. To me, it was mainly a project I wanted to work on to get me writing again. Something to keep me creative, productive, and connected.

For a while I thought I was doing pretty ok with posting often, but now I hardly post anything because I always feel so backlogged with ideas and rough drafts and unposted content and different platforms.

There is at least 2-3 points every week where I will notice how “far behind” I am on this blog, and I panic because I want it to be successful and consistent.

I know people are willing to check in and read my stories, and that’s how I also knew I needed a plan to keep me posting, I needed a way to organize and schedule my posts without feeling like they were piling up on top of me in the Drafts section.

You, my dear reader, keep me motivated to not give up on this project.
So now it’s time to round off the corners that keep cutting me off, and see how smooth I can make this baby.

The Rosewood Rabbit has undergone some hefty rethinking and is likely to be up and running again by Sunday.

Thank you for your patience.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments please feel free to message me on the comments section, or in the newly added Contact Me section.

Here we go!
The RwR


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