The Guy Who Didn’t Actually Want Pizza

I had a confusing bump in with a man the other day.


While standing at a bus stop (which was right in front of a pizza joint) a man approached me and ask if I could “make [his] day and buying [him] a slice of pizza.”

I don’t usually say yes to giving people money, but because: he didn’t directly ask me for money, my bus was no where to be seen yet, the guy wasn’t being rude about it,  and the pizza joint was right behind me I had no issue with helping him out.
Besides, a slice of pizza is nothing.

In the process of digging for my wallet I asked, “so what kind would you like?”
This seemed to catch him off guard, and he replied “oh no, I can take the $5 and go buy it myself?”

I stopped looking for my wallet and looked at him. I replied, “no, sorry.”
He stared at me blankly.
“I’m not just going to give you the money. I will buy you food if you need it, but I can’t just hand you $5.”

This is when he started to harass me about it, like I owed him something: “you can’t give me $5? What you don’t have $5? I just need $5 for pizza,” and so-on.
I could barely get a word in, so when he finally stopped I told him: “I’m sorry, I don’t carry cash with me.”

I’m not sorry to say that I don’t feel bad for not giving this man money.

  • during our muddled conversation he told me he could stay at a friend’s place if he was cold
  • he was dressed very warmly,  clean, shaven, and none of his clothes seemed to be raggedy
  • the pizza joint was right behind me, soooo why couldn’t I just buy it for him?
  • a slice doesn’t cost $5
  • he got real rude and pushy when I told him I couldn’t help him out

And to be perfectly honest, I really don’t think he wanted my $5 for a slice of pizza.

The RwR

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