Another Average Evening

I like these little post updates.

I’m at my partner’s apartment, just watched a buttload of Hello, My Twenties (a pretty hilarious K-Drama show) about to play some Ratchet and Clank.
Partner is at work and the upstairs neighbors are very loud, and clearly drunk.
They keep shouting and “wooing!” and dropping things.
It’s kind of funny.

I’m betting they’re playing beer-pong. What sounds like a bouncy, hard plastic something keeps hitting the floor; it sounds the way a pingpong/beer-pong ball would hit the ground…

The neighbors are very young and I don’t blame them for having fun on a Saturday night (it’s finally some freedom for them) but they sound like heavy footed elephants up there.
I’m used to having louder neighbors than this, but considering they are walking so heavily the lights are flickering (and I think making a crack in the ceiling progressively worse) I’m a little irked.

It is 10 PM here, so I’m banking on them going out and having a good nights worse of partying.

Imma hangout, listen to Gorillaz, and play some video games.

The RwR


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