Friday Facts: Gorillaz (2017 album info inside)

How excited is everyone that the Gorillaz finally released a new song yesterday?

If you’re not caught up to speed about this news, well then I’m about to put you on my level: the new song is called Hallelujah Money (ft. Benjamin Clementine), and it was a pretty damn exciting moment.

This image hit the Gorillaz and Noodles Instagrams early Jan 19th, 2017screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-10-07-37-am
With the caption:

And the people went mad. They knew in an instant that this was it!
The search was on to find the new Gorillaz song… because, of course, they didn’t release it to their own YouTube channel right away.
So people searched the ish out of that hashtag, flooded comments sections with questions, scoured social media trending news sections just to get a taste.
It was amazing to watch (of course I was tweeting, retweeting, and posting about it all day too lol)

It’s been 6 years 😮 but their music is as influential, artistic, and unconstrained as ever.
I can’t wait for more!!


So I think it’s completely fitting that this weeks Friday Facts is all about:


  1. Ever wonder where that name stemmed from? Well, both Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn (the creators of Gorillaz) were both born in 1968, which was the year of the Monkey.
  2. Not sure if you realized but Hewlett and Albarn are pretty big fans of Chinese culture and theatre. In 2007 Hewlett and Albarn teamed up with Chen Shi-Zheng to create “Monkey: Journey to the West.”
    • If you didn’t know: “Monkey: Journey to the West” is a stage adaptation of the Wu Cheng’en novel “Journey to the West.”
  3. In 2008 Albarn and Hewlett were hired to produce a commercial for the Beijing Olympics. It’s pretty darn neat, check out the Youtube link below to watch.
  4. When Albarn and Hewlett first formed a band they didn’t name the band Gorillaz, they named it Gorilla.
  5. Their first recorded song as a band is “Ghost Train.”
  6. Jamie Hewlett is also the creator of the comic book series Tank Girl.
  7. One of Hewlett’s artistic influences is Hayao Miyazaki, creator of Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and (Hewlett’s favorite) Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
    • Laputa: Castle in the Sky was a huge influence for the music video “Feel Good Inc.”

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today.
I hope you enjoyed learning more about  Gorillaz, I know I loved researching about them.

Keep your eyes peeled for their new album, scheduled to release between April – May.
Want to know what you could be in store for? Check out the page I found with a bunch of 2017 album info. HERE!

Love the Gorillaz? Follow them everywhere!
Noodle’s Instagram

I grabbed some of my facts from HERE, HERE, and HERE.
And my pictures from HERE.


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