WcW: Vampybitme

I love a good cosplay! So it should be no surprise to you that this weeks WcW is all about a favorite cosplayer/model.

This weeks WcW is all about:
Vampybitme! (a.k.a: Linda Le)

Though many of you know her best as Vampybitme, Linda Le is this cosplayers real name.

Vampy is a pro! and has been cosplaying classic anime and video game characters since she was 12! 😮
Her favorite? Psylocke from X-Men, who she has cosplayed every version of the character.

Vampy was born to a family of Vietnamese immigrants, in Okumlgee, Oklahoma. In her early years she moved to San Jose, California, eventually attending San Jose State University with a degree in business.

Expanding on her cosplay knowledge Le moved onto studying hairstyling from Paul Michell’s in the U.S., and at Toni & Guy in London and Tokyo. She then returned to America and started teaching cosmetology!

(Registration still open? I’d pay to go to that class.)

Vampy has made cosplay her passion, her career. She’s worked really hard to get where she is today.
Point: during an interview in 2013, Le said that she works “almost 15 hours a day, and sleeps a maximum of 4 [hours]” so she can work on her cosplay and modeling.


She’s dedicated, hardworking, and incredibly talented.
That’s why Vampybitme is the perfect person for my WcW.

The RwR

Want to see more of Vampy’s cosplays?
Like what she does and want to follow her everywhere?
Check out her social media pages, below!



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