Crazy Dreams: They’re coming back

Years ago I used to have dreams about 2 entities that tried to kill me constantly. They followed me night after night, into dream after dream, searching for me so that they could torture me in various ways (one time a wood-chipper, multiples times in tight cages, sometimes dismemberment, etc.)
They made my dreams hell. I would be afraid to sleep at night because I knew if they caught me-even if I wouldn’t die-they would inflict serious pains and fears.

These two disappeared after I started having dreams about rabbits (I’ll explain all of these random tidbits in other Crazy Dreams posts, I promise) but I believe they’re slowly coming back, now.
Since getting back from B.C. I’v had terrible nightmares again, nightmares I can’t control and some that have kept me in dream-state well after my alarm has gone off.

I have not experience lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis again, yet.



2 thoughts on “Crazy Dreams: They’re coming back

  1. Aaron

    I had a Pig faced guy feature in several of my dreams when I was younger. I was even convinced I saw him in the flesh from a distance on time. The mind is a beautifully terrifying organ

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