Crazy Dreams: The Shadow Man Visits

No introduction needed, really.
This is another sleep paralysis dream, it happened within the same week that Sleep Paralysis Parade took place.

It’s not bloody or gory in any way, so it’s safe to read.

The Shadow Man Visits


Apparently, as a child, I had always yelled and screamed in my sleep, but I never remembered the nightmares that made me do so. After the Sleep Paralysis Parade happened my dreams started to become memorable nightmares.

One evening I thought I couldn’t fall asleep, I laid in bed for what seemed like hours and stared at the ceiling above me.

I heard the floor creek.
It was late and the house was pretty silent, I didn’t hear anyone come up the hallway or enter my room, but looking at the foot of the bed I found a tall shadow standing there.

It had no defining characteristics, just the tall semi-shape of human anatomy. It shifted in place, becoming a part of and pulling apart from the darkness in my bedroom.

Once again I couldn’t move or speak, so I laid there staring at it.
For a long time it did nothing but slowly build up a heavy feeling of anxiety and danger into the air. I started to become restless, so I tried to sit up.

As if it were startled by my presence the shadow jumped, it threw its dark hands at me. The hands looked only like undefined shadows, but gripped like sharp talons into my upper arms.

It still stood at the end of the bed, its arms reaching an impossible length.
Slowly it extended its body over top of my own, gripping my arms harder and harder, the talons cutting into my skin.

For a short moment it stared into my face–the world around us void of light and sound–then disappeared as my alarm brought me back to the waking world.

After that night both upper arms held four shallow cuts and light bruises, for weeks; eventually dissolving into 8 white scars that remained there for years.

Think I’m crazy yet?
Well I’m not! So stop that.

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