This is terrible.
I’ve never been more worried about the status of our clean water supply.

So this article just hit my Google+ account (that’s right, baby, RwR got the G+)

Corpus Christi, Texas, residents warned to avoid tap water

And this hit my personal Facebook a bit last night, and then Facebook, RwR Twitter and Google + all morning.

Pipeline rupture spews oil into creek 150 miles from Standing Rock

Both articles being pulled from two reliable news sources (BBC and The Guardian)

This is a scary time to be alive, people.
We are rapidly exhausting our resources, and now we’ve just made our water resource even more inaccessible.

This is the only planet we get, I hope everyone knows that.
There is very little chance of humanity relocating to anther planet, especially within any of our lifetimes. If the idea were even possible, we are no where close to even figuring out how to relocating to another planet. 99.5% of us wouldn’t even be considered to be chosen to go on a relocation mission.

At this rate, humanity won’t survive long enough to see any of that sci-fi ish happen.

This. Is. All. WE. Get.
One Planet.
So maybe respect our it, or die trying. Don’t die due to uninhabitable circumstances.

Is This What You Want?

Images were pulled from the Daily Mail Online
I know this is an older article, but the results are all the same.


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