Crazy Dreams: Sleep Paralysis Parade

It’s time for another My Crazy Dreams story. Are you ready for this?

By the way, the dreams that I share with you are not just dreams, these are night terrors and nightmares that have stuck with me enough to effect my everyday life. They’re “dreams” that make me afraid to sleep, that cause insomnia, that can cause stress and pain.
I share it with you because it’s weird and kind of neat, and don’t you ever wonder what people face in their dreams?
I do. Constantly.

I’ll admit that the first dream I share on RwR was pretty darn tame. This one never made gave me insomnia, but for a while it did cause me to sleep too much so I could try and get back there. This dream left me with a weird longing for something that was back in the woods.

The upcoming dreams I will be sharing with you will not be as tame.
Some are inescapably  violent and gruesome, but I will warn you before I post anything like that.
The one I’m about to share with you today is a the dream that started the phenomenon where I feel physical pain in dreams.
It’s not violent or gruesome, so don’t worry; but it is pretty weird.

Sleep Paralysis Parade 


When I was young, maybe 8-9, I used to have this reoccurring dream that I was running from from a giant round boulder, that was always about to crush me (I blame this on Crash Bandicoot).
This dream was like a default dream for my brain, if my brain couldn’t think of anything else to do with my mind that night it would throw this lame ass boulder dream at me (I say lame ass but apparently it used to make me scream in my sleep… but whatever)

After a while my sleeping-self got pretty used to this dream, to the point where I would just often dream of nothing, instead.

One early morning, during a semi-blank dream, I could tell it was almost time to make up. I could even see it, but I was stuck between the waking and the sleeping world, and slightly out of body.
I could see the dark sleeping world of the fading boulder dream, and above that, in a strange layering of worlds, I could see the semi-bright waking world.
I could see that the alarm clock was about to strike 7 am (wake up time) that I was flat on my back in bed, but I could open my eyes or pull the other half of myself out of dream world.

I struggled to try and sit up or move move hand,  but I could only flex my stomach muscle as though I were about to sit up, and twitch my fingers.
All the while I could vaguely hear someone shouting “stop! Someone stop her! Don’t let her out!”

Soon I was actually to tired to try, so I fell back into dream world where the darkness around me changed to a two-tiered, blue parade float.
I stood on the front of the float coming to terms with the new dream, while another me sat atop the platform on th back of the float. She sat in a large chair, waving to people I could hear but couldn’t see.
I thought I was free to move around, but when I tried to move I discovered I was tied up.

“I  need to wake up now,” I spoke to her over the cheering crowd, and even from our distance she could hear me clearly.
“You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying here, forever; and I will finally wake up!” she shouted to the crowd, causing them to cheer louder.

The ropes around me then turned to snakes that started to squeeze the breath out of me. Any time I exhaled the snakes gripped tighter, and I couldn’t inhale again.
Then I realized the whole float was covering in snakes, squeezing and biting me.
I couldn’t breath at all anymore, and the dream started to get dark again.

I could see myself standing on the top of the float laughing, and occasionally pointing at me; I could see and hear the crowd laughing at me.

Then my alarm clock rang through and woke me, but as it pulled me out of the dream I could hear the other me.
“Noooooo!” she screamed, and I could see the crowd aggressively angry faces frowning.

And then I was awake, on the flat of my back, just staring at the ceiling.

Have a crazy dream story?
Share it in the comments below! I’d love to hear it.
Serious… please tell me I’m not the only one.

I got my picture from the wonderful artist Alex Konstad


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