Friday Facts: The Last of Us

It’s official!
The Last of Us 2 is soon to grace us with its presence.


Though I STILL haven’t finished the first game-due to a lack of T.V.-I’ve heard that the ending definitely does not disappoint.
From personal experience, The Last of Us is the only game that can hold my attention for 9 hours straight, and make me sweat buckets for 8 and half of those hours.
…I’ve made it pretty damn far in the game before the T.V. incident, so no judging!


In celebration of The Last of Us 2, this weeks Friday Facts is all about The Last of Us… duh-doi.


  1. Dark Horse comics released a 4 Issue The Last of Us comic book series, that takes place before the events that play out in the game. Neat!
  2. Tess was originally supposed to be a villain, the main antagonist even. Say what?!
  3. Animals were going to be included in the list of infected enemies. During game production, it was planned that an infected elephant was going to chase Joel through a specific part of the town (probably when they come across that zoo…) but the designer decided animals should be excluded from the infected list.
    • Ellie was even going  to have a canine companion… But that didn’t happen either. Oh well!
  4. Throwback to Tess originally being a villain: Ellie’s first kill was supposed to be Tess! Yep, Ellie would have killed Tess in order to stop her from killing Joel.
  5. When Ellie and Joel are in the toy store you can see the moment Ellie takes the toy robot she later gives to Sam.  At first you notice Ellie is standing over the toy robot, but if you look away, and then look back again, the toy is gone.
  6. The infection the monsters suffer from was inspired by a gross, dangerous, and very real fungi, called Cordyceps Fungi.
    Go check it out!
    or don’t, it’s pretty goddamn creepy and skin crawling-y…
  7. Sooooo the market research team for Naughty Dog originally planned to only include male subjects in the focus group for The Last of Us. Once the Naught Dog developers discovered that ish, though, they demanded that the research firm include female testers as well.
    Excellent ^-^

That’s all I’ve got for you at the moment. I hope you enjoyed learning some new gamer knowledge!

Think you have a better idea of what I should blab on about on Fridays? Think you know what needs some FF attention?
Let me know in the comments below!

I got my facts from HERE and HERE
And the picture from HERE.


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