Friday Facts: Pokemon!

This week’s Friday Facts topics is:

This is no boring Facts Session, ok?
I dug up some of the weirdest facts I could find about Pokemon, from hardcore gaming webpages… that’s right, I said “hardcore.”

Ready for this?

  1. Slowbro is the only Pokemon that can de-volve. Fandom has it, if the Shellder is removed from the Slowbro’s tail, then the Slowbro will turn back into a Slowpoke.
  2. Arcanine was going to be a Legendary! Say what? Yep!
  3. Ditto is thought to be a failed attempted at cloning Mew.
    Thoughts behind this reasoning:

    • the two Pokemon share the same weight and stats.
    • similar color palette
    • they are the only two Pokemon that can learn Transform naturally
    • both can come in shiny and non-shiny forms, and also have a similar color palette in both shiny and non-shiny forms.
    • in 1st gen. games, both Mew and Ditto can only be found in: the Pokemon Mansion, where Mewtwo was cloned; and in the Cerulean Cave, where Mewtwo can be captured
  4. Drifloon steals children!
    Seriously. In the Pokedex it states that Drifloon tricks children into thinking it’s a balloon, and then carries the unsuspecting children away.
    …To where?! #wtf
  5. Pikachu’s name kinda means sparkle-squeak.
    Don’t laugh! Although it’s pretty damn adorable, but here’s how it breaks down:
    Pika is short for Pikapika, which means “sparkle” in Japanese (so the internet tells me)
    Chu is short for chuchu, which apparently translates to a certain squeaking noise in Japanese
  6. If there was a Pokemon that was a combination of every single Type, this Pokemon would still have a Type weakness: Rock.
  7. Ugh… Wailord can breed with Diglet.
    Try and get that truth bomb out of your head.
  8. Kadabra was actually a human boy with psychic abilities, who woke up one day transformed into a Kadabra… (Kafkaesque?)

Well that’s all I have for you for today!

Have an idea for Friday Facts?
Post it in the comments below!

I got all my Poke facts from HERE, HERE, and facts plus the image from HERE.


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