WCW: Yaya Han!

I think my WCW’s could use a little work.
Admit it, they’re kind of boring.
“I like this girl.” Who cares?
So let me start telling you why.

This weeks WCW is:
Yaya Han

This talented lady is, to name a few, a costume designer, model, cosplay entertainer, and entrepreneur!

Not only is super creative, but she’s also super intelligent too. She can speak 3 languages fluently (Chinese, German, and English) and 4 different languages loosely (Spanish, French, Latin, and Japanese); and some of her passions include art, theatre, photography, and ancient cultures.

To me Yaya Han is an inspiration, so that’s why she is this weeks WCW


Fun fact: Yaya Han is the first ever cosplayer invited to appear at a convention as a Guest of Honor.
Before 2001, it had never been done. It was almost unthinkable to have a fan/cosplayer appear on equal contract as a professionals in the anime/entertainment industry.

Follow Yaya Han on:
And don’t forget to check out her webpage HERE!

I pulled the Fun Fact from here HERE.


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