Crazy Dreams: Running Through The Woods

I’ll start with an easy to digest dream first, a light icebreaker.

I’ve had this dream maybe 3 times.
It starts with me standing at the top of this wooded mountain side. Though there is no noticeable chaos around me there is a sense of panic, the feeling that the mountain is on fire, or there is an avalanche; I need to run.

I dodge through the trees with ease, but never without the sense that I was about to run into serious pain.
The forest is filled with pine trees, yet the hue is cold grey. about 10 feet of the bottoms of the pine trees are all bare, no branches or needles or pinecones. I can see clearly across the slope of the mountain, through the bare-bottomed trees.

I realize that I am not alone. I am being followed by a grim, smokey shadow. It upper body was that of a human, but the bottom drapes away in black whisping drapery.
I feel like it is chasing me, but it keeps pace at ease and never touches me. It holds a close distance. I look into it’s faces, but there is only two circular bulging classes protruding individually from the dark cloak.

I spot a cabin through the clearing, and my urgency to be there rises, some thing tells me that everything will be fine if I can reach the cabin; but when I reach the bottom of the mountain and go inside the cabin I end up outside again, staring at the mountain side. The cloaked creature/man is gone, but the sense of unease hangs in the silence.

That’s all there is, though, because once I reach this point my anxiety gets so fired up I end up waking up

Have a dream of your own you’d like to share?
Share it in the comments below!
Let me know your craziest dreams! I’d honestly love to read them.

Think you can interpret what my dreams means?
Also leave your interpretation in the comments below!


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