My bus driver talked to me in a fake accent…

9321f82af44ed9f4befb419bfc7a5452So I got on the bus the other day, and when the driver handed me my ticket I said “thank you.” When he replied “you’re welcome” he replied with a British accent… So I stopped to talk to him for maybe 5 minutes, and he held the accent the entire time we shared a conversation.

Once I didn’t feel social anymore I took a spot on the bus, and observed things going on around me.
The next person to get on the bus takes their transfer and says “thank you.”
The bus driver replies with “you’re welcome” …with no accent. This passenger spoke with this bus driver for, maybe, 3 minutes (asking for directions, or something) but the bus driver suddenly had 0 trace of an accent.

Bizarre people.

Have you ever done this to someone?
(I totally have, for a whole evening once… but that story is for another time ^-^)


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