Friday Facts: Cashews… hold onto your butts for this one

This week’s Friday Facts is dedicated to:

Trust me on this one. Sounds like a boring topic, but it’s really quite interesting.


  1. Cashews grow out of the bottom, outside, of their fruit
  2. The fruit a cashew comes from is actually a really delicious and delicate apple, called: marañón.
  3. Cashews are poisonous! You’ll probably never see cashews in their shells, or raw cashews, in a grocery store.
    • Sure that container says “raw cashews” but the double shell the cashew resides in contains Urushiol (causes rashes and irritation to form. Also found in poison ivy.)
    • In order to ensure the cashew is free of this urushiol, cashews must be baked, roasted, or boiled before safe to consume.
  4. The oil in cashew shells is used in every day object, such as: insecticides, brake linings, and in rubber/plastic manufacture….
    • The tree sap is used to make a varnish.
  5. Cashews are great for thickening up your sauces! Why? because the starch content is approx. 23%. Neato…
  6. Cashews are actually super green (like a pistachio) before being boiled/roasted.

Wasn’t that just a little nuts?

Thanks for joining in on Friday Facts!
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