Someone Made Fun of My Eyebrows…

So this actually happened a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t really bring myself to post about it until now.
I love my eyebrows, and I don’t really care what people think about my appearance. I look unique and memorable, and on more than one occasion do I catch people staring…

One day, a few coworkers and I decided to go out for some Chinese Bakery buns (this is what the place is actually called.)

I carefully select my buns (custard and pineapple, red bean filling with pineapple glaze, and something stuff with creme and topped with coconut) I get in line behind my other coworkers, and when it’s finally my turn to pay for my food some random-ass woman approaches my coworkers and points at me with a stupid smile on her face.

My coworkers are confused and look at her as such, so she points at me and says “her eyebrows” and then laughs to herself, “they’re so funny looking. So stupid!”
Realizing my coworkers aren’t having any of her horse-shit she walks away, and picks out her own damn buns.

I’m super confused, they’re super confused, so we all just sort of stand there staring at each other
“Fuck that lady,” one of them responds.
“That was rude…” another chimes in.
“Let’s go back to the office.”

I couldn’t leave just yet, though, I felt like I had something to say to her; so I stood off to the side and put my change away slowly, trying to think of something to say… but I had nothing to say to her.

I looked her up and down.
She was old and frumpy, and a mishmash of a human.
She looked sad.
It wasn’t worth my time.

Buuuut when I started to walk away I couldn’t help but turn and say to the woman: “just because you don’t like yourself, doesn’t mean you should make fun of other people to make yourself feel better.”
Then I walked away… my coworkers and I were so riled up afterwards, we couldn’t help but share stories about the times we had gotten into fights.

Mature, right?


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