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Marika Malaea reflects on being a brown white girl: “My whole life has been me thinking that I’m super incognito, when I’m actually the painted elephant in the room, whispering, ‘So what are we all staring at?’”

via The Armored Coconut — Discover

It’s actually really difficult to get me to click into other peoples articles/blog posts, not that I don’t have respect for bloggers and writers of all shapes; but there is just so much bad, boring, click-baity, sad, repetitive stuff out there.

Not this excerpt from the attached article, though, I loved this. So much so that I’m actually sharing it here on my own blog (which is even more rare!)
Whoever chose this chunk, nailed it. You’ve got my (the readers) attention.
To me, you don’t need anything else; this sums up the issue perfectly.

There is just something so perfectly compiled into this short chunk that I couldn’t resist sharing.
It’s so simple, yet so telling, so full of story. It’s compact, yet its impact is huge. The humor notable, without taking away from the subject matter being brought to our attention.

I, of course, encourage you to read the rest of the article, but I think it’s important to reflect on this.


P.S.: The Fantastic Mr. Fox = great movie
This picture = amazing print I would 100% buy, frame, and hang in my apartment.


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