TBT: Tamagotchi!

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How could I not throwback to these virtual pets, I love these things. Honestly, if I could find a good Tamagotchi  (that isn’t going for, like, $100… because you can apparently bank on nostalgia) I would buy it and love it forever.

I probably had 5 of these growing up, 4 of which that eventually went missing. But this 5th Tamagotchi would always show up, in the same place, every time I thought I  had lost it.

There was this magic cupboard in my home, that seemed to be able to produce exactly what you needed when you were looking for it.

Seriously, this cupboard way always prepared.

So every time I lost this certain Tamagotchi I would open up this cupboard, and there is would be-every time-sitting under piles of other treasures waiting to magically appear when needed.


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