I Fell Off Of A Cliff!

And almost died.

Yes you read it right.

When I was around 8/9 I went camping with my mom, my cousins and their mom, and my two best friends. Of course us kids can’t just sit around a camp fire all week, we were kids and bored and wild monsters; so we decided that it would be a good idea to explore the forest our mother’s warned us not to explore without them…
Don’t get angry at our parents for letting us run free at such a young age: it was the 90’s, and kids were a little more wild and free then.

During this exploration, we ended up finding this narrow path with a steep slope the led to a drop, on the righthand side. As we walk I hear my oldest cousin yelling out for help, and when I look up I see him  sliding toward the edge of the cliff to his death.
Well, I don’t know what came over me but I ended up sprinting to help save him, only to slip off cliffside next to me, just in time to watch my cousin grab a near by tree and announce it was all a joke.
Funny stuff!

So I fall on my side, slide over the cliff, and grip the edge.
Now I wish I could tell you what came over me in that moment, but I can’t. The moment went something like this:

  • I held onto the edge, my toes pushing up on the any footing I could find. I didn’t make a sounds, I just observed my situation, watching everyone running to save me.
  • I closed my eyes.
  • I saw a girl standing in front of me (not me. She honestly looked like Lara Croft). She told me “let go”, and then suddenly she was falling and screaming; I opened my eyes and I was mid fall, a short scream barely escaping.
  • Things went black when I hit the ground of very narrow ledge beneath the cliff’s drop.
  • I opened my eyes to the sound of people yelling my name. I could see faces far above me, people I recognized but didn’t know remember who I knew them, but I knew I should go to them. I sat up and slowly climbed the cliff side, not once making a sounds.
  • After being hoisted over the edge by a few people, my best friend asked me “Are you ok?!” and that’s when I began to cry.
  • Suddenly I was running away from everyone, screaming and crying all the way back to my camp site.

Apparently I wouldn’t stop talking about death for a week after this incident… Good times.

Hope you enjoyed my near death experience. I thought it would be suiting considering it’s getting so close to Halloween, and I’m not ashamed to say that this is not the only  near death experience I’ve had.

Want to hear more of my near death experiences? Let me know in the comments below!


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