Damn you flu season. Damn you straight to heck!

Oh my god! The joy of working in an office is: once you’re no longer sick you’re bound to get sick again, and probably right away.

So I got much better for 2 days, and then got smacked in the face by this virus so hard that I thought I was floating. Yep, floating.

“How?” you ask: well, while walking from the one end of the office to the other, I wasn’t entirely sure I was still on the ground.
Sitting on my stool was fun (I have one of those standup desks, but required a stool this day so that I wouldn’t faint) because sitting for too long in one position made me feel like I was going to fall asleep.
My officemates were not happy I was there that day.

I’m still rough, but I have so many stories! So stay tuned.


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