Another Average Evening

Oh, you know: just relaxing in my chair, sneezing up a storm (this cold reared its ugly head) playing Shovel Knight while watching Brooklyn 911.

…I don’t usually watch t.v. while playing video games, but I recently moved into a new place and I don’t own my own t.v..I’ve had a roommate for 7 years, and before that I lived at my mom’s place.
Now I live on my own and I use an acer computer monitor that doesn’t have any sound, or even an option for audio, for gaming; and I watch all my shows on my laptop.
Good times over here.

I know in a more recent post I mentioned that I was play Last Of Us, and I am… on the weekends. His t.v. is way more optimal for games with better graphics, he lives in another city an hour away, and you have to agree that the Last Of Us deserves to be played with sound.
I have a bunch of older games downloaded, so at home I play Sly Cooper, and when I’m bored with that I play Shovel Knight.

Ok, I’m going to go lay down. I am sick and I am so tired of holding myself upright.



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