Sweating through the Last Of Us.

So when the Last Of Us was new and exciting and everyone didn’t know the ending […]  I bought the game on one of my very few days off, and played that mf until I nearly dehydrated myself to death.

Take me seriously when I say that I played this game for 10 hours straight, and during this time the anxiety portion of my being found this game so intensely immersive that I gamer-sweat profusely onto my controller nearly the entire time.
I would literally have to pause the game to wipe my hand-sweat onto the knees of my jeans, so that I could continue playing without the controller slipping out of my hands. By the time I needed to stop playing this game,  the knees of my jeans were soaked.

Thing is, I still haven’t beaten the Last Of Us (SO NO SPOILERS!) not because I can’t, but because when I picked up the game up again–probably the next day–to finish what I had started, the game glitched with no redemption options–just Joel perpetually trapped in rushing waters– so I rage-quit; and when I logged backed in I realized that the game had save in a place I found so exhaustingly anxiety instilling I couldn’t muster up the energy to do it again.

So NO SPOILERS! I’m working through the game again!
If you’re wondering why I didn’t already beat the game in that allotted 10 hours I already spent, then: just calm your t’s hardcore gamers of the world, I’m a 100%’er… not a power-through’er (…?)

I go for the gold.

The pass through the hundro-p finish-line.

I track all that extra ish down and come out on top… this is how I know no one would subscribe to my Twitch channel, if I hand one.



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