An Average Evening

Preface to what you’re in for:
I’m currently listening to Hello From The Magic Tavern (a hilarious and ridiculous fantasy podcast) and listening to Final Fantasy VII game-track music in the background, while trying to successfully balance my Fallout Shelter on my phone… #mylife.

Yah like Fallout?
Then you might enjoy this Fallout Shelter app (not a sponsor) which is based on the Fallout games. In this tiny version your job is to build a the perfect shelter as the Overseer, and trying to grow a colony of Dwellers.
All the while there is plenty of fires to put out, monsters to kill,  quests to complete, things to find, etc… All for free. Great time killer.
The only thing is, is that Fallout Shelter app is not exactly a casual game. It runs in real time, and if you don’t monitor your shelter carefully any accomplishments can be destroyed.
This game is pretty much completely free, with buyable extras. I haven’t been playing for a long time, but I have heard that eventually it does become almost impossible to keep any creatures at bay without using some sort of buyable extras. I’m guessing for Weapons and Outfits….

Whatever, I like it so far. Go check it out, support good gaming.

Fan of Podcasts?
Then I encourage you to go check out
I work in an office, I know what it’s like to sit in silence for prolonged periods of time. I solve this issue with (lol also not a sponsor, I swear.)
Lots of Podcasts to choose from, you might find something you really enjoy to listen to while doing just about anything.
…Yes. Maybe even sex. I don’t judge.

That’s all for your preface, I need to go make sure my Dwellers aren’t dead.
Cheers for now!




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